The Lake

The lake itself is plentiful in its stock, there are currently around 400 carp present. The weights of these fish are between 20lb and up to 64lb. This year the lake has produced its second fish over 60lb, another huge common of almost 62lb. There are also two mirrors present that are expected to break the 60lb barrier. You will (with a little effort) expect to catch carp whilst during your stay. The lake is not classed as difficult.


Formerly a gravel pit, Etang de Berniere was first dug over 30 years ago and has depths of anywhere between 10 and 15 feet.


A track around the entire perimeter of the lake, suitable for driving, makes access to all of the swims easy and also makes it very convenient for setting up and packing down.
No barrows needed here! You are able to park right behind all of the swims. Great for keeping your phones in charge in your vehicle.


The lake is totally fenced and secure, adding peace of mind when any tackle is left unattended.


Although fairly large in size, the elongated shape and all round good depths in its entirety, averaging around 12 feet deep or so, means that the carp don’t hold up in the middle of the lake. Instead, they tend to swim up and down the lake. Etang de Berniere is not a lake where casting to the middle is necessary, and at only 185 yards wide, there are no obvious places for the fish to hide. Do keep an eye on the finger bay in the warmer months, swim 9 produces floater caught carp on a frequent basis during those hot periods.


We hope you enjoy the naturally beautiful surroundings of Etang de Berniere as much as we do.