1) Please do not arrive too early. Try and aim for an arrival time of approximately mid day to 1 o’clock French local lunch time. A train/ferry crossing of around 06.30am will see you arrive at the lake in plenty of time. A draw for swims will take place at approximately 2pm local time. If all guests are present prior to 2pm then a draw can take place sooner. Early arrivals please note, we are not in the habit of sticking to this time stringently. If someone is going to be arriving shortly after 2pm then we will await their arrival. Guests must have left the lake by 10am the following Saturday.


2) NO LANDING NETS, NO UNHOOKING MATS, NO WEIGH SLINGS, RETAINERS OR SACKS are allowed on site, please leave yours at home. ALL OF THESE ITEMS WILL BE PROVIDED. EVERYONE MUST bring £50 or 50€ cash as deposit for these items. Deposits returned at the end of your week subject to the return of all items in the same condition you received them. NO RETAINING ANY FISH!!

3) RIG SAFETY. Lead clips with a peg through the swivel are a MUST! No jammed on tail rubbers, leads must EASILY eject ON THE TAKE!! Safety zone plastic leaders for anti tangle purposes are allowed for those who don’t like using tubing but the maximum length is 36 inches, NO LONGER!! HELICOPTER set ups must be deemed safe by our bailiff. He will come to each swim individually and make sure your set ups are safe. NOBODY is exempt from our bailiff checking their rigs at any point during their trip. This doesn’t mean we will be doing midnight raids, just a quiet word during the day if needed.


4) 15lb minimum breaking strain monofiliment mainline MUST BE USED!


5) NO leadcore, NO shock leaders what so ever! Safety zone plastic leaders for anti tangle purposes are allowed but the maximum length is 36 inches, NO LONGER!!

6) NO PELLET or PARTICLES to be brought onto our site what so ever!! This is a BOILIE ONLY WATER!

7) Maximum 3 rods.

8) Strictly NO unattended rods.

9) NO braided main line, NO braided leaders (Braid can only be used for marker rod and spod or spomb rods).

10) Barbed hooks should be used, NOT barbless. No LONG SHANK CURVED hooks to be used at ANY time.

11) ALL fish must be treated with a fish care antiseptic.

12) NO litter, NO cigarette buts!!!

13) NO open fires.

14) NO disposable BBQ’s. Proper metal ones on legs are permitted. There are permanent BBQ’s on site.

15) NO Baitboats, No boats, No inflatables.

16) NO swimming!!!

17) NO dogs.

18) Fishing is ONLY permitted from numbered swims.

19) NO Drugs, NO heavy drinking, NO shouting or general behaviour that will offend the serious angler.

20) Swims to be kept clean and tidy at all times!

Boat available on site for snagged fish but is only EVER to be used whilst the onsite bailiff is in the boat with you!! Only one person at a time is allowed in the boat with the bailiff (life jackets MUST be worn at all times: Etang de Berniere does not accept responsibility for any accidents, personal injury or loss of life).

We reserve the right of refusal for fishing if your bait or line and lead set up is deemed not to adhere to the rules.

We reserve the right to terminate your vacation if you are in any way causing disturbance or harm to any other anglers or other people, grounds, fish, lakes or property.

You will NOT be liable to a refund/compensation and you may incur costs for any damage carried out.

The Lake is very peaceful and tranquil, please respect your surroundings and other anglers.